Free Audio Splitter 2.0
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Free Audio Splitter 2.0

Free Splits your large audio files into equal smaller portions for easier storage
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Free   8.8 MB

Designed to help you store large audio files in smaller containers and distribute big audio recordings in a more convenient way, Free Audio Splitter can slice any number of audio files in precise time-based chunks in just one go. Its split profiles make the entire process extremely easy and suitable for all users.

With support for all the most common lossless and lossy audio formats (i.e., WAV, FLAC, MP3, Ogg, AAC, WMA, Real Audio, MP2, M4A, or AC3), Free Audio Splitter slices the audio files selected preserving their original specifications, including not only the original codec used, but also the sampling and bit rates, for instance. This means that no conversion or re-encoding routines are involved in the cutting processes, so that the pieces resulting from the split of lossless audio files – such as WAV and FLAC – will remain being lossless.

Unlike similar tools, only time-based cutting profiles are made available to the user. Other audio cutting tools offer the possibility to use standard disc sizes and specific file sizes (in MB and GB) as alternative cutting criteria. This limitation somehow makes it difficult for the user to understand the real purpose of this tool – is it to facilitate storage or to allow for sending and distributing big audio files by cutting them down in smaller chunks? The files are cut precisely at the number of seconds, minutes, or hours specified by the profile, thus abruptly interrupting the normal flow of the audio. Therefore, if you want to recover the original continuous playblack, you will need a third-party merging tool to put all the fragments back together.

Free Audio Splitter prompts mixed feelings. On the one hand, it provides a simple and fast way of slicing large audio files into smaller ones, while on the other hand, it is hard to fathom ways in which it can be of real use. Being a completely free tool, having it installed on your system won’t harm your wallet, and it may always come in handy.

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Francisco Martínez
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  • Includes cutting profiles
  • Fast split processes
  • Lossless cutting process


  • Supports time-based cuts only
  • Custom profiles do not seem to work


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